Our brand evolution

We have just launched our revised identity

3 October 2017

With our recent growth we have undertaken a thorough audit of our current offering, working practices and market position.

Casting the spotlight inwards, we reviewed our service offering. We carried out interviews with clients, intermediaries and all staff, as well as an evaluation of competitor propositions and market developments.

Daniel commented, "What has become apparent to us over the years, is that incremental developments within the business as well as changes in the market place have resulted in a gap developing between how we presented ourselves and how we are perceived, and that the way in which we approached the market could easily be refined for shared wins between ourselves and our clients".

The output of the audit has led to a redefining of our, and BoisBois’ (our sister firm), offering to something better suited to who we really are, and has allowed us to focus efforts accordingly. In carrying out the exploration there has been a streamlining of work processes to provide greater value to clients.

We have always aspired to a family approach to working with our clients and understanding their needs. The review found that this was very much valued and so the challenge for us was how to consistently provide this hands-on, friendly, solution-centric approach whilst still being able to scale our offering.

Following the strategic refinements, all elements of the brand, from employee and client experiences through to marketing materials, are being developed to best reflect our true identity. The most publicly noticeable of these touchpoints would be that of our new website offering. Daniel expressed that "we're proud of our new look and feel. It accurately captures the essence of the business and will inspire confidence with our audiences. We're confident that we are now firmly set for a new period of exciting growth", a sentiment that I share entirely.

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